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behavioral strategy and organizational alignment

A well-executed strategy is critical to organizational success. Aligning, pivoting, or reinventing the organization depends on the consistent application of strategic objectives at the middle management level. While it is relatively simple to keep alignment amongst a small group of senior executives, strategy is won or lost in execution across the broader organization. Senior leadership participates in months of strategic planning sessions to develop first-hand understanding, context, alignment, and acceptance of the strategic plan. Meanwhile, the rest of the organization gains second-hand exposure through inconsistent leadership grapevines, with leaders expecting alignment based on limited information and trust. Strategic intent gets lost in translation, and the pace of strategic transformation and execution fails to gain momentum.

personalize strategy

Bringing research-based behavioral science to strategic planning and execution accelerates adoption by bridging strategic intent with personalized context. Imagine each employee connecting with the organizational strategy on a personal level. Imagine each department deliberately connecting organizational goals to daily operational tasks. Imagine each leader proactively seeking out connections with other leaders to find transformational solutions to previously unidentified challenges. Behavioral strategy is the thread connecting the strategic vision to each person throughout the organization and, ultimately, to your customers.

invite commitment

Behavioral strategy enhances the traditional approach to strategy and reimagines the organization's purpose in a way that invites commitment. Rather than approach product analysis solely through segmentation, align on customer motivation. Expand the limit of market position by understanding your competitor's organizational psychology. Cultivate more engaged employees beyond tactics, compensation, and advancement into a sense of purpose and a shared mission. These elements come together to enhance customer experiences and drive superior financial performance.

align objectives

Using behavioral strategy to align the organization around an individually resonating mission and contextually clear strategic objectives creates a fundamental shift in organizational effectiveness. Teams begin to speak a new strategic-centric language in the short term, which permeates daily work life. Leaders start to reinterpret their efforts into strategically aligned priorities, self-organizing and promoting the initiatives that bring the highest value to their internal and external customers. A newly formed spring of ideas flows from all corners of the organization, working to solve persistent issues and inviting new opportunities to differentiate in the market. Ultimately, this increased alignment and clarity of focus advances strategic transformation and improves financial performance.

At opnmynd, our team of Ph.D. practitioners use a scientific, research-driven, behavioral approach to strategic planning designed to create breakthrough moments within the C-Suite and alignment across the organization. With expertise in competitive psychology, employee engagement and retention, organizational transformation, innovation cultivation, and customer engagement. opnmynd opens minds.

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